Trusted for generations

With over 80 years of expertise, we create some of the world’s most trusted dairy products.

Natural, creamy flavour

Milk from pasture-raised cows gives our butter a rich golden colour and a characteristic, creamy butter flavour

Unique process

Our butter is made using the traditional Fritz Churn method, giving our butter a unique rich creamy flavour and smooth mouthfeel.

Westgold Butter

Crafted on New Zealand's West Coast, loved around the world. Westgold butter is traditionally churned from fresh cream using the time-honoured Fritz Churn method resulting in a rich flavour and creamier texture.

Packaging options

Westgold Butter is available
in 250g and 400g retail formats
in both Salted and
Unsalted variants.

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Contract Butter

Our advanced packing systems enable us to produce a variety of sizes in your brand.

Packaging options

We currently produce
any of the following
butter pat sizes: 

180g, 227g, 200g, 250g,
400g, 454g, 500g, 1kg,
5kg and 25kg retail formats
Salted & Unsalted.

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