“Westland’s focus on high quality, pure dairy products fits with our mantra of only using the best ingredients."

Original Foods


‘Sometimes naughty is nice’ is the philosophy at the centre of Westland customer Original Foods Baking Company (OFBC). As you walk into the café that backs onto their purpose built factory in Christchurch, the cabinets are brimming with inviting sandwiches, salads and wraps. But the stars of the show are the beautiful rows of glistening donuts and tempting cakes.

Coming from a long line of bakers, and having 27 years of business experience under her belt, OFBC owner Jane Mayell knows the importance of using good quality ingredients.

“One of the reasons our products taste so good is the use of natural ingredients wherever possible, such as real butter. Butter offers a luxurious and indulgent mouth feel with every bite,” explained Jane. The trophy cabinet at OFBC shows that a focus on quality pays off, with awards for many categories in the Baking Industry Association of New Zealand Awards.

OFBC has used Westland products since the company started producing goods on a commercial scale. At first it only required butter, but as the product range grew OFBC also needed whole milk powder. The company has worked alongside Westland’s technical team to find innovative ways to use the products, such as the best method to melt butter in bulk. Each month OFBC purchases some 10mt of butter – enough to make approximately 12,000 2.1kg New York brownie slabs, or enough Westland butter pats to stretch end-to-end from Hokitika to Greymouth annually.

As the price of New Zealand butter has increased on the global stage, OFBC has seen more competition from international suppliers offering a cheaper product. However, OFBC has stuck with Westland, as they know they are always going to have high quality, and where the product has come from. “We initially started using Westland products as we like to support local business, and for us Westland is essentially a local – however, quality has been the main reason we have stayed,” said Jane.

“Westland’s focus on high quality, pure dairy products fits with our mantra of only using the best ingredients, and aligns with our efforts to use only natural ingredients.”

Like Westland, OFBC has considered how its business might be affected by current health trends. “Just as there is a place for sugar, gluten or dairy free foods, sometimes being a little naughty is nice,” said Jane. “Our products are a special treat to be shared and enjoyed. We have been perfecting the art of baking for several years and dairy remains an essential component.”

OFBC is one of the largest suppliers of baked goods in New Zealand. It exports to Australia, the Cook Islands, Samoa and Hong Kong. Chances are if you’ve chosen the muffin on Air New Zealand, bought a cake from a supermarket, a donut from a petrol station cabinet, or maybe a slice at a catered event – you’ve eaten one of their delicious goods.


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