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Milk Powder
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Whole Milk Powder

A free-flowing powder, high in nutritional value, with excellent flavour and versatility. Whole milk powder delivers functional benefits to baked goods, which include increased water-binding capacity, improved volume, and reduction in staling.

Whole Milk Powder range
ingredients whole milk powder Westland Milk Products Dairy NZ

Skim Milk Powder

Our Skim Milk Powders are low fat, additive free and have excellent dispersibility and solubility making them ideal for use in baking. Skim Milk powders are made from spray drying fresh pasteurised skim milk and have a longer shelf life than liquid milk makes it easier to transport and store.

Skim Milk Powder range
ingredients skim milk powder Westland Milk Products Dairy NZ milk powder

Buttermilk Powder

Our Buttermilk Powder is a premium, full flavoured, high heat and heat stable powder made during the production of our award-winning butter. Our butter is traditionally churned using fresh cream from our grass-fed cows, and it is this process that gives our buttermilk its unique flavour and functionality.

Buttermilk Powder range
ingredients buttermilk powder Westland Milk Products Dairy NZ

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