We offer a range of protein solutions to suit a wide spectrum of uses, with a clean natural taste that adds function and texture to your range.

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Sodium Caseinate

Useful in a wide variety of applications, our Sodium Caseinate provides excellent functionality, helping to deliver texture in your products and provides whitening and a clean, milky flavour to beverages.

Sodium Caseinate range
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Produced from fresh pasteurised skim milk, our Casein provides valuable nutritional benefits for end products due to a high protein and amino acid content.

Casein range
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Milk Protein Concentrate

Our Milk Protein Concentrate powder is made from fresh pasteurised skim milk, and provides a milky flavour that is superior to whey protein or caseinates alone.

Milk Protein Concentrate range
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Whey Protein Concentrate

A versatile and complete, fast absorbing protein with all nine essential amino acids, our WPC80 is ideal for sports nutrition (bars and beverages), diet products, adult nutrition, infant nutrition, yogurt, beverages and cheese.

Whey Protein Concentrate range
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