Excellent performance

A highly soluble form of Casein with rapid dispersibility to ensure optimum functionality in your products.

Consistent quality

Spray dried to ensure quality standard compliance for thermally sensitive products.

Superior functionality

Our caseinate delivers high protein is high in L-glutamine to help promote muscle growth.

Sodium Caseinate

A spray dried protein powder made from premium quality acid casein.

Adds texture to your products by thickening and stabilising; adds thickness and opacity to sauces.

Highly functional for creamers, providing opacity and helping enhance foam structure.

Has a bland milky flavour making it ideal for use in flavour sensitive formulations and high protein beverages.

Nutritional Information (typical values)

High Protein  
Low Fat  
Low Lactose  
Ph Neutral 6.5-7.0


Yogurt & ice cream
Confectionery & chocolate 

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