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Press Releases Hokitika’s skyline set for a change

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The iconic Westland Milk Products logo on the side of the Hokitika factory building is about to undergo a makeover, with work commencing Wednesday 21 March.

The existing Westland logo signage will remain but the dairy co-operative’s new company purpose Nourishment Made Beautifully for Generations, will be added below it.

Westland’s General Manager Marketing and Innovation, Hamish Yates, says the new sign facing out to Livingstone Street is all about fostering pride in the great story that lies behind Westland’s purpose and brand.

“The beautiful landscapes with lush green pastures, nestled between towering mountains, and a rugged coastline are what make Westland’s products so special,” Yates says, “as are the unique stories of the farming and manufacturing traditions that go into key products such as Westland’s highly acclaimed Westgold butter.

“Some West Coast and Canterbury farms – selected for their strategic location and roadside visibility – will soon feature paddock signs as part of the same awareness campaign. They will reinforce the fact our shareholders’ farms play a crucial part in the Westgold story as the very source of our milk and ultimately the home of beautifully made butter.”

A third aspect of the campaign will be prominent roadside signs at key entry and exit points to the West Coast, reinforcing to customers, locals and tourists alike that they are entering, somewhere very special.

“The signs are designed to build pride and appreciation of who we are, and what we do; producing high quality premium products for the world that leverage our unique heritage and location.

“With the worldwide focus on transparency and traceability, consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from and why they should specifically seek these products; this roadside visibility campaign is a great way to tell them.”

Yates says Westland is in the process of achieving planning and/or resource consent permission for the various farmside and roadside signs planned on the West Coast and in Canterbury.


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