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Press Releases One Westland Day prepares staff for bright future


August 8, 2017

Westland Milk Products’ teams from its Hokitika and Rolleston sites will come together in Shanytown this Friday, July 28, for its inaugural One Westland Day.

Westland Chief Executive Toni Brendish says it’s an opportunity for senior leadership to work with their teams so that every staff member knows what is required of them for Westland to be successful in the coming season.

“Westland has undergone a lot of change in the past year, but with a new senior leadership team in place,” Brendish said, “we are heading in a new direction and it’s important we communicate how it will affect everyone at Westland. We also want to thank our staff for their patience, understanding and professionalism.”

“A part of that direction is sharing our new company purpose, which has been born out of a project led by staff throughout the company. It’s important that all staff know how their role contributes to the purpose, and that they share our commitment to making Westland an innovative, successful, exciting and safe place to work.

“The change to date has been challenging, but we have turned a corner, and to build and sustain a prosperous future, we need everyone at Westland’s input.

“We can come up with a new purpose, but it’s every staff member that will bring it to life.”

One Westland Day will include presentations by Brendish and other general managers, as well an awards presentation.

“We will be looking forward, but also saying thank you to our staff for the past year – their hard work and commitment does not go unnoticed or unappreciated,” Brendish said.


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