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When it comes to providing the finest paediatric nutritional products, we’re founded on over 100 years of dairy manufacturing excellence. Now, we’ve built on this platform of experience by developing our WESTPRO NUTRITION™ range.

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Our WESTPROTM ingredients are used by customers in a wide range of applications.  From infant nutrition to health and wellness, aged and sports nutrition, beverages, confectionary and bakery, our ingredients ensure that consumers enjoy the premium quality they expect.

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We manufacture a range of popular consumer brands including WESTGOLDTM and EASIYOTM which are loved in New Zealand and around the world.  All of our products are made using high quality milk from our predominantly pasture fed cows that graze outdoors year round.  

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Beibei Zhou - Nutritional Scientist and Hana Miller - Nutritional Ingredients Specialist

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Paul and Ann Jarman, Darfield, Canterbury

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