1. Farming

Healthy cows raised on lush pastures in the fresh air provide our quality milk. Our herds are managed through sustainable, modern farming practices, providing a dedicated milk supply from our farmer suppliers; some of whom have been supplying for generations.

2. Milk collection

Our milk is filtered and chilled at the farms immediately after milking. The process from milking the cows to delivery into the factory is swift and efficient, preserving the milk’s quality.

3. Transportation

Our fleet of milk tankers transports our milk from the farms to our factory. Their fuel-efficient engines deliver maximum power with minimum emissions. Latest GPS technology minimises the distance travelled, ensuring milk is transported with the least environmental impact possible. On board testing ensures that only milk that meets our strict standards enters our factory.

4. Production

Our ISO and FSSC accredited plants are managed by a dedicated team of skilled operators and engineers, and feature state of the art equipment. Throughout the process, strict production and hygiene procedures are followed to safeguard product quality and safety, as well as ensuring the traceability of all ingredients.

5. Quality

Our on-site quality assurance teams undertake a wide range of detailed product compositional and microbiological tests using recognised protocols. With laboratory accreditation to ISO17025, Westland delivers products with internationally recognised standards of quality assurance.

6. Warehousing

Before delivery to our customers, products are stored in our own warehouse, and when necessary with trusted partners. Here, bar-code scanning technology ensures accurate inventory management so stock can be tracked and traced at any point. Our own warehouse facility is located next to the rail line to local ports, allowing for efficient movement of products to the next stage of their journey.

7. Product delivery

Trusted partners deliver our products to over 40 countries. During their journey, our products are monitored by an advanced tracking system, which ensures traceability at every step. Throughout the order to delivery cycle, our dedicated customer service team provides ongoing support and assistance to ensure customer satisfaction.

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