This land is our lifeblood.

We know we’re blessed to have an incredibly fertile and abundant farming environment. As guardians of this land, we also know that protecting it is our responsibility.

Our policy

Committed to a sustainable future.

The energies we put into developing a sustainable business today ensure that we are well placed to grow into the future.
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Protecting it

We’re determined to go the extra mile.

Caring for our natural resources is part of who we are. Our Farm Excellence programme (FarmEx) goes beyond mere legal compliance, demonstrating our commitment to protecting and improving our environment.
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World-class recognition.

In 2023, we were awarded a gold medal by internationally renowned corporate social responsibility auditor EcoVadis. In 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 we were awarded silver medals. This is a major achievement for Westland with substantial advantages for customer retention and recruitment, and product marketing.
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An uncompromising commitment to quality.

Our EcoVadis certification for our manufacturing facilities is instantly recognisable, establishing our world class position in on-site environmental management.
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Our initiatives

Protecting the future.

From environmental stewardship to Whitebait restoration, Environmental sustainability is central to Westland’s purpose of ‘nourishment made beautifully for generations’.
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