Our commitment

With over 400 farms and many more employees and partners, we have a large influence in our region. Giving back to the communities we work in is fundamental to what we do. In the spirit of care and generational ownership, we champion our rural communities. That means working towards a sound and sustainable future both environmentally and socially, ensuring that we make this place, a great place to live and work.

Together for good

You’ll find Westland at work, not just out on the farms or factories, but within schools, sporting organisations and a wide range of community charities. These initiatives are essential to the wellbeing of our employees, partners and their families, and that means they’re essential to us too. By supporting a wide range of organisations from the grassroots up we strive to enrich the local area, develop individual potential, grow the leaders of tomorrow and strengthen our bonds across generations.

Giving back

Due to the remoteness of the West Coast our children don’t always get the same opportunities and support as students in the larger centres. Westland donates to junior sports throughout the West Coast and to every school in the West Coast region. In the past months, Westland has also donated: $10,000 to Ronald McDonald House, $1,600 to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, $2,000 to Federated Farmers and $600 offered to every school on the West Coast.
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CSR Strategy

We are very lucky to operate in one of the most beautiful, unique parts of the world – the West Coast of New Zealand. Developing a formal Corporate Social Responsibility strategy with a clear roadmap to improvement will push us further to protect and care for both our people and our place.
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