Here at Westland we welcome any feedback. For feedback, please click here. For product related complaints, please follow the below instructions.

When lodging a product complaint, we require all complaints to have the following information:

  • Customer complaint form below completed with all sections filled out, this includes all production information such as the batch / cypher number. If you are unsure of where to obtain this for the product you have received. Please see examples below showing where this information can be found.
  • Photos / evidence to be submitted with every claim of every damaged bag or issue.

For further information on our Cargo Claim Procedure, please click here. 

Instructions on where to find the batch and/or cypher numbers on our products. 

UHT Whipping Cream Carton

UHT Whipping Cream Tetra Brick

UHT Milk Carton 

UHT Milk Tetra Brick 

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Bulk Butter Cartons

Powder Bags

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