Our people are our inspiration bringing with them the same passion, grounded expertise and natural determination that defines us. A promise of a natural tenacity to do right by our customers, our farmer suppliers, our animals and our environment.


number of people employed (approx)


largest New Zealand dairy company


farms across the West Coast and Canterbury supplying milk

Meet our people

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The Pullen family

Just as there are generations of farmers working to supply Westland, there are also generations of employees helping make beautiful products. Familial ties shine through particularly in work ethic, as family members don’t want to let others down. No more so than in the Pullen family.
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Making beautiful butter

The secret to making butter as good as Westland does is time. It’s time that has been spent perfecting the traditional Fritz churn method. In Westland’s butter team staff have spent an average of 20,000 hours (or 10 years) producing butter, with one person making butter for Westland for more than 50 years.
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Viet Tran

Viet’s initiative and can-do attitude made him an obvious choice to receive Westland’s top annual employee recognition, the 2018 Scott Eglinton Supreme Award.
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Burnett family

Understanding the reasons why their farm produces in a certain way is integral to the success of farmer suppliers Mark and Christine Burnett. Just inland from the coast near Tauranga Bay at Westport, fields of lush grass are testament to the hard work that the Burnetts have put into their farm.

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