Farm Excellence Programme 

Since 2014, Westland Milk Products has run its Farm Excellence Programme (FarmEx). FarmEx ensures supplier farms meet a broad range of standards governing key areas of performance. This includes people and risk management, stock exclusion and waterway management, land and nutrient management, animal welfare, water use, effluent systems and management and farm presentation.

FarmEx was developed to complement regulatory standards and go beyond minimum requirements. This ensures Westland can accurately and transparently claim to meet the ever-evolving and exacting standards of our customers; whose consumers display an increasing interest in wanting their food to be ethically produced and to a high natural quality, without detriment to the Environment.

The dairy industry in New Zealand, including Westland, accepts the challenge to be good stewards of the environment while maintaining the industry as a globally important source of natural milk-based nutrition. Our farmer suppliers compliance with the FarmEx standards is increasing each year. Suppliers realise that, far from being an imposition or an added cost, FarmEx is a vital component of earning the right to do business and get our products into the market.

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