Our Expertise

When you begin to work with Westland Milk Products, we’ll create an individual customer team focused on your requirements.  This team will be made up of the experts who will be alongside you throughout the innovation and production process.  

Your team will include members of our nutritional science, scientific research and technical teams working alongside your customer relationship team. Their direct engagement with your own team means that you’ll be working with the people who are best qualified to provide you the solutions you need.

Our Westland Innovation Centre consists of four specialist teams:

Nutritional Science

story scientific research beaker test

Led by Dr Kate Arnold, our team of nutritional product specialists is expert in the field of infant and toddler nutritional product development.  The team works closely with customers creating individual formulations and recipes, and optimising products.

Scientific Research

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Dr Shaojiang Chen and his team provide core scientific expertise.  In applying their scientific knowledge, they undertake detailed research projects and collaborate with external partners to develop innovative scientific, product and process solutions.


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Johan Klopper heads up this team of qualified process engineers who provide the linkage between the scientific teams, customers, and production.  Turning ideas into reality, this team is responsible for implementing new processes and equipment, solving product challenges, and working with customers to meet specific processing requirements.  

Continuous Improvement

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John Kenny is responsible for championing the principles of continuous improvement in the company.  This team’s remit covers the collection of milk and drying of powders through to customer product delivery.  We’re committed to ensuring we continually improve in order to meet the evolving needs of our customers.