Westland received Toitū enviromark® diamond in 2023, the top Toitū Environmental Management certification level, showing our commitment to sustainability. Previously, Westland held Toitū enviromark gold for 3 years, and has worked hard to make improvements over recent years as we target independent ISO 14001 certification.

What does Diamond certified mean?

As a Toitū enviromark diamond certified organisation, Westland has a self-sustaining environmental management system (EMS) in place. We have internal systems to ensure that plans and policies are followed and to identify any opportunities for change and improvement. Westland has top management commitment to the EMS and its continuing stability.  

Toitū enviromark diamond-certified organisations exceed the requirements of ISO 14001, one of the world’s best-known environmental standards. 

“Many of our Westgold and Westpro customers frequently ask about our environmental certifications, so to be able to now highlight our ISO 14001 equivalent Toitū enviromark diamond certification is a huge milestone,” Westland CEO Richard Wyeth said. 

To achieve Toitū enviromark diamond certification, an organisation: 

  • Controls all important documentation to ensure only the most up-to-date versions are being used; 
  • Has an internal EMS audit programme in operation, ensuring expected outcomes are occurring as planned; 
  • Periodically has top management review the performance of the EMS; 
  • Has formalised the roles and responsibilities of people working for and on behalf of the organisation; 
  • Communicates appropriately both internally and externally; 
  • Ensures appropriate training is given to people working with the EMS; 
  • Has documented all procedures relating to managing the system (both system and operational procedures); 
  • Has a good system for managing problems (non-conformities and opportunities for improvement); 
  • Has set objectives and targets for driving improvement and has programmes in place to meet those targets; 
  • Has developed, implemented and tested environmental emergency plans; 
  • Has identified and evaluated their significant environmental issues arising from activities, products and services; 
  • Is actively monitoring their ongoing compliance with New Zealand legislation and is ensuring they are aware of any changes to obligations; 
  • Has produced an environmental policy statement; 
  • Understands the scope of their EMS (i.e., are there any parts of the organisation that need to be excluded from the EMS and why); 
  • Exhibits no non-compliance with New Zealand’s applicable health and safety and environmental legislation. 

This certification means our environmental management system has been independently verified by Toitū. 

Learn more about Toitū certifications here. 


Toitu Enviromark Diamond

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