Apr 18th 2023 /

Westgold launches spreadable butter

Westgold’s new spreadable butter is a blend of its award-winning creamy butter and sunflower oil grown and pressed in the South Island.

This month’s launch of the spreadable butter is in response to increased demand from consumers for butter which remains soft and easy to spread even at lower temperatures, says Hamish Yates, Westland Milk Products’ General Manager Sales and Marketing.

“We have collaborated with our friends down the road at The Good Oil to blend our West Coast butter with a dash of their cold-pressed sunflower oil. It is a unique and very special product – it has that golden colour and delicious flavour that Westgold is renowned for, and is very creamy, just like our block salted and unsalted butters.”

Yates says The Good Oil and Westgold have much in common as brands of quality South Island products. “Our Westgold story centres around milk sourced from cows grazed on grass on a small number of West Coast farms below the majestic Southern Alps. The fresh cream is then churned by master butter makers using the traditional Fritz Churn method,” he says.

“Partnering with another premium South Island brand, The Good Oil, is a good fit for Westgold, and we are proud to have a spreadable butter blend on the market that is made with all New Zealand ingredients,” Yates says.

Nick Murney, Managing Director of the Canterbury-based Pure Oil NZ Limited who owns The Good Oil, says the sunflower oil used in Westgold’s spreadable butter, is all cold-pressed at the company’s crushing plant in Rolleston. “Cold-pressing the seeds, with absolutely no heat or chemicals, means the oil retains its fresh cold-pressed flavour. It is a very natural, healthy product,” he says.

Westgold’s spreadable butter has a high proportion of salted butter (65%), with sunflower oil making up 27%.

Yates says that spreadable butter is growing in popularity both locally and in overseas markets, particularly in Australia. He expects the global market to continue to show positive growth.

“We will definitely be looking to export to other markets. It is a great product, and we look forward to seeing its growth,” he says.

Westgold’s products are available for purchase at New Zealand supermarkets. To learn more about Westgold visit westgold.com.

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