May 24th 2023 /

Westgold’s newest infused butter includes sugar and spice and all things nice

Westgold’s newest addition to its infused butter collection is based on a centuries’ old favourite of mixing creamy butter with cinnamon and sugar.

“The release of our new Cinnamon Sugar infused butter is timely given the appetite for comfort food in the winter months ahead. Many people have nostalgic and very happy childhood memories of their parents putting cinnamon and sugar on toast,” says Hamish Yates, Westland Milk Products’ General Manager Sales and Marketing.

Westgold’s Cinnamon Sugar infused butter is the latest in the company’s continued development of new infused butter flavours. In November last year the company released the first of its infused butters, Garlic & Parsley and Chilli & Garlic, in 100g sticks.

It was Westgold’s first new butter product since its 400g butter appeared on New Zealand supermarket shelves in 2016.

“The introduction of our new butter range has resulted in growth in the small butter format segment,” Yates says.

“We are proud of what we are achieving with our infused butters. All three in the range have been developed in-house, from recipe design stage through to testing, as we look to build on our portfolio of butter products and in doing so increase engagement with our customers,” Hamish Yates says.

While the butter will be popular as a toast spread or a topping on home baking, Westgold has developed a range of both sweet and savoury recipes for its new butter which include:

  • Orange and date scones
  • Cinnamon and banana bread
  • Cinnamon neenish tarts
  • Lamb kebabs with spiced rice.

Details of these recipes can be found here.

Westgold’s infused butters are available for purchase now at Countdown supermarkets throughout the country. To learn more about Westgold visit

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