“Working together is great as we push each other to work hard and have a strong work ethic."

Chris Pullen Senior and Chris Pullen Junior

Environmental Manager and Reliability Leader

Just as there are generations of farmers working to supply Westland, there are also generations of employees helping make beautiful products. Familial ties shine through particularly in work ethic, as family members don’t want to let others down. No more so than in the Pullen family.

Ten years ago Chris Pullen Jnr started at Westland in the cadet programme after ‘Dad’ saw an advertisement in the paper. Two years down the track his father, Chris Pullen Snr, became Westland’s Environmental Manager (after running it past Chris Jnr first of course).

“Both of us ending up working for Westland was a complete coincidence but it has worked out well,” explained Chris Snr. Chris Jnr believes that starting as a cadet and working your way through the ranks is invaluable. “Sharing the same name can have its difficulties,” said Chris Snr. “Often we are mistaken, and the wrong person is emailed or called. But it can also cause few laughs when the wrong one is called to meet a visitor and finally when the right host arrives, I’m sitting there entertaining their visitor.

“However, when I am working it is not only my reputation on the line but also that of my son’s When I am at work, I want to do my best work as it will also reflect on Chris. He has incredibly high standards in his work, and I always strive to meet his standards.

“Working together is great as we push each other to work hard and have a strong work ethic. If Chris Jnr is given credit in a DMS meeting, I think I better raise my game as he’s getting the edge on me. There is nothing quite like a bit of family competition.

“When we are at home we don’t talk a lot about work. However, my family always thinks it is amusing that Chris is called junior at work.” Chris Jnr will argue that he started at Westland first, so he is the oldest (in terms of employment).

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