Nov 9th 2022 /

Westgold launches exciting new product range

The wider Westgold team played a major part in deciding on the best flavours for its new Westgold Infused Butter Collection.

Garlic & Parsley Butter and Chilli & Garlic Butter are the first products in the new range of infused butters, appearing now on supermarket shelves, in 100g butter sticks.

“We undertook internal research with more than 100 of our colleagues to help determine the flavours for the initial launch, along with a thorough review of the category, both here in New Zealand and in other global markets,” General Manager Sales and Marketing, Hamish Yates says.

Completely developed in-house, from the recipe design stage through to testing, the new Westgold Infused Butter Collection is the company’s first new butter product since Westgold’s 400g butter hit supermarket shelves in 2014.

“The launch of the new product range gives Westgold the ideal opportunity to create even more engagement with our consumers - introducing new people to Westgold and encouraging them to try our products in new and inspiring ways,” Mr Yates says.

The new products have launched into the New Zealand market in Countdown stores nationwide and New World in the North Island. Westgold has also developed a host of tasty recipes using the new infused butter products which can be found here.  

“This is the result of a huge amount of work by our Westgold team and we are very proud that all our product development for the infused variants was completed in house,’’ Mr Yates says. “Our plan is to expand the flavour range of the infused products in New Zealand next year, and also push into other global markets, complementing our existing Westgold products. We have plenty of new and exciting infused butter flavours currently in shelf-life testing.’’

Mr Yates says an extensive marketing plan was developed which includes promotion by social media influencers to ensure that large numbers of consumers are connected to the product in the most engaging way possible. “Throughout all of our marketing material, we will be providing inspiration and fresh ideas on how to use our infused butter,’’ Mr Yates says. “We hope that home chefs and Westgold lovers will get behind these products and become as inspired to cook with them as we have been in creating them.’’

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